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ROTC Language and Culture Project - Summer 2009 Study Abroad applications now available

Experience the language and culture of Persia in Tajikistan or study Arabic in an immersion environment this summer!

Posted: March 31, 2009

The Dushanbe programs introduce cadets and midshipmen to the languages and cultures of Tajikistan. In the three-week program, students will study the basics of Tajiki and Farsi Persian and develop basic competency, while exploring Dushanbe and the surrounding areas and immersing themselves in Tajiki culture. In the six-week program, students participate in a language intensive, sharpening dialectical skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), with the added benefit of a homestay with a Tajiki family. Students in the intermediate program may qualify for second-year Persian credit.

These short but exciting experiences provide a foundation for continued study of the Persian language and the cultures of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Application materials include

Application form
Letter of recommendation from unit commander
letter of recommendation from a language instructor or other faculty member

The University of Texas at Austin’s ROTC Language and Culture Project is also offering funding for an approved Arabic study abroad program. The goal of the scholarship is to offer students of Arabic the opportunity to advance their proficiency in the language and understanding of the culture in an immersion environment.

Students who plan to continue their training in Arabic upon return to UT will be asked to receive approval from Arabic faculty of their program of choice. All others may select a program from the Study Abroad Office database or another appropriate resource.

Application Deadline
Applications will be accepted for Summer 2009 programs through April 10.

Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator:, 232-1927.

Download an application for the ROTC Arabic study-abroad scholarship (PDF, 75K)

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