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Cadets to study in Morocco and Tajikistan

LCP provides a chance to learn more about cultures and histories of Persian- and Arabic-speaking communities

Posted: July 22, 2008

Jasmine Bogard (AFROTC) received full funding for a six-week summer Arabic program in Tetouan, Morocco. There she will work towards intermediate proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic as well as competency in the Moroccan dialect. The program will fully engage Jasmine with the local culture through activities such as the study of Arabic calligraphy, Islam and Tetouani art and through excursions including camel treks through the desert and a visit to the Blue City (Chefchaouen).

Michael Alvarez (AROTC), Liz DiPaola (AFROTC), James Forkner (AFROTC), Richard Payne (AROTC), Chandler Thorpe (AFROTC) and Severin Witte (AFROTC), were all awarded full funding to participate in the LCP’s inaugural summer Persian program. The cadets will spend three weeks immersed in Persian language and Tajik culture in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

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