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A number of print and electronic publications and resources are regularly produced and published through the Middle Eastern Studies programs.
News about upcoming public events, such as conferences, lectures, concerts, etc., is distributed electronically.  You may join our public e-mail list by visiting the UTLists Web page (once the page has loaded, click on "subscribe" in the left sidebar).

Middle Eastern Studies has published a newsletter since the spring of 1982 (twice annually between 1982 and 1995; annually since 1995).  Although we do not keep back issues for distribution in print, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions of the newsletters are maintained in the online newsletter archive.  

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies coordinates five scholarly and literary publications series (The Emerging Voices from the Middle East Series; the Binah Yitzrit Foundation Series in Israel Studies; the Middle East Monograph Series; the Modern Middle East Series; and the Middle Eastern Languages in Translation Series) that are published in partnership with the University of Texas Press.

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies Outreach Program has published and co-published several curriculum units for K-12 educators. The Outreach Program also co-publishes News from Hemispheres, a twice-yearly newsletter for K-12 educators. An electronic archive of past issues and subscription information can be found on the Web site of the Hemispheres Outreach Consortium.
Through the Hemispheres consortium, CMES also co-coordinates a public e-mail list for K-12 educators that announces upcoming professional development opportunities, cultural events in the Austin area, opportunities for educator travel abroad, and more! Visit the UTLists Web page to join (once the page has loaded, click on "subscribe" in the left sidebar). Note: this is separate from the Middle Eastern Studies public e-mail list mentioned above--announcements are not necessarily crosspublished to both lists.
Course-specific Web sites and electronic publications include:
  • Aswaat Arabiyya (Arabic Voices)—a web site designed for learners and teachers of Arabic seeking materials for listening comprehension.
  • الكتاب في تعلم العربية / Al-Kitaab fii Ta'alum al-'Arabiyya—The official Web site of the "Al-Kitaab" textbook series by Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud al-Batal, and Abbas al-Tonsi.
  • Hebrew Language at The University of Texas—includes video clips, soundbytes, and tutorials designed for use with the "Modern Hebrew for Beginners" and "Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students" textbooks by Esther Raizen.
  • Persian Online—includes video and audio clips for learners and teachers of Persian (Farsi) seeking materials for listening comprehension.
  • Persian Catch up at the Café—a distance learning course for Intermediate Persian students designed to allow you to maintain your listening and reading skills in Persian (Farsi). Includes audio, news articles, and other materials authentic to Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Created by Anousha Shahsavari to complement second-year Persian coursework.
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