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CAPT John Eden, Chair CLA 5.602, Mailcode C3604, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-7649

Leatherneck Platoon


To train, guide and evaluate the leadership potential of future Marine Officers for the Fleet Marine Force. 


As a Leatherneck Platoon member the following instructions will be provided:

  • Conditioning Hikes
  • Land Navigation
  • Small Unit Leadership Drills
  • Physical Training
  • Naval Science Courses

Upon completion of a college degree and Officer Candidate School (link opens new window), you will continue down the path that many wish to travel but only a few are able to achieve... the title of a United States Marine.

Things to Expect:

In addition to your academics, you will be required to participate in the following:

0545-0645 [Battalion Physical Training]

0800-0915 [NROTC Leadership Lab]

0545-0645 [Leatherneck Physical Training]

0800-0915 [NROTC Leadership Lab]

0600-0700 [Supplemental Physical Training]

Leatherneck Platoon
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