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CAPT John Eden, Chair CLA 5.602, Mailcode C3604, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-7649


Leatherneck Platoon

To train, guide and evaluate the leadership potential of future Marine Officers for the Fleet Marine Force.

Drill Team

The basic principles of leadership include discipline, time management, and the ability to give and follow orders. Though marching with rifles may seem simple, it takes time and practice to develop the dedication and military bearing to perform each movement with precision. The NROTC is proud to field the UT Drill Team in various competitions, such as the annual Tulane Mardi Gras Drill Meet. The team is composed of a rifle-wielding platoon of Midshipmen and a guide who take their orders from a senior drill team commander, also a Midshipman.

Color Guard

A proud representative of one of the military’s oldest traditions, the NROTC Color Guard performs many pre-game and memorial ceremonies. The team is composed of two members bearing rifles and three members bearing colors: the United States, the Navy, and the Marine Corps flags. The Color Guard frequently performs ceremonies at events all over Austin with precision and exceptional military bearing.

Intramural Sports

Members of NROTC have the option of joining some of UT’s many Intramural Sports. From soccer to golf, the Navy is proudly represented in every sport.  Midshipmen participate in sports such as basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball in the spring and in the fall participate in football, soccer, golf, and water volleyball. Each team is lead by individual leaders within the unit, who schedule practices and provide motivation. IM sports are a good way to show off sport skills or to bond within the battalion.

IM Sports 

Pistol/Rifle Team

The UT NROTC is one of the few ROTC units to have its very own pistol range. Although the range is open to civilians for a charge, NROTC members have the privilege of practicing their marksmanship for free. The Pistol Team composed of several Navy and Marine Option Midshipmen, practice every Monday and Wednesday with .22 Caliber competition pistols. They compete against other major universities and, in past competitions, have even put Texas A&M to shame.

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