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Lieutenant Commander Christopher Field

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Naval Science
Lieutenant Commander Christopher Field



LCDR Chris “Ditto” Field
Aviation Officer, UT NROTC

LCDR Chris Field graduated from St. Louis University in 1994 with a Bachelor of
Aviation Science.

Winged Naval Flight Officer in 1996, and completed training at VAQ-129 as an
Electronic Counter-Measures Officer (ECMO) in 1997. He then reported to VAQ-134
for JO tour, participated in Operation Northern Watch, Southern Watch, and Operation
Allied Force. He returned to VAQ-129 in 2001 for duty as an instructor and “Boat
ECMO” and was the recipient of the Seadog Fodor award.

In 2003 he was assigned to CTF70 in Yokosuka, Japan, as Flag EWO.

LCDR Field reported to VAQ-135 for his department head tour in 2005. In 2006, his
DH tour was cut short after ejecting out of a prowler during a low level. He was then
assigned to the Naval Safety Center as an Aircraft Mishap Investigator.

In 2010, he returned to Yokosuka, Japan for a second tour as Flag EWO.

LCDR Field is married to Naoko Kosemura Field, formerly of Yokosuka, Japan. They
have one daughter, Akiko and dog Punch.

LCDR Field currently teaches the Introduction to Naval Science, Seapower (Maritime History), and Weapons Systems II courses at the University of Texas.


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