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What follows is a summary of the various resources and programs available to high school and college students. For questions regarding scholarships and entrance into any NROTC program, contact the Unit Staff or call 512-471-7677.


Navy Option

If you are a high school senior in the summer prior or in the fall of your senior year, you are eligible to apply for the Four-Year NROTC Scholarship.

If you are past the deadline for the Four-Year NROTC Scholarship or already enrolled in the University of Texas as a freshman or sophomore, see the other programs for which you may qualify.

Selected applicants for the NROTC scholarship program are awarded scholarships through a highly competitive national selection process.  The recipient will be commissioned a Naval officer upon graduation and is obligated to a minimum of four years active duty in the U.S. Navy.  The scholarship recipient will receive full tuition and other financial benefits including books, class fees and $250-400 per month subsistence (Freshmen $250, Sophomore $300, Junior $350, Senior $400) at many of the country's leading colleges and universities.  NROTC scholarships do not pay for room and board or personal items such as computers.

Applicants for four-year NROTC scholarships must meet these eligibility requirements

  1. You must be a U.S. citizen.
  2. You must be at least seventeen years of age by September 1 of the year you are starting college and less than twenty-seven years of age on June 30 of the year in which you are eligible for graduation and commissioned status. An age waiver may be granted for prior active military service, on a month-for-month basis, computed as of September 1 of the year of enrollment in NROTC, provided you will not reach your thirtieth birthday by June 30 of the year in which graduation and commissioning are anticipated.
  3. You must be a high school graduate or possess equivalency certificate by August 1 of the year you are applying.
  4. You must have no moral or personal convictions which prevent the bearing of arms in defense of the United States and you must be deemed physically qualified.
  5. You must meet minimum SAT test scores of 530 verbal and 520 math or minimum ACT test score of 22 in both English and math.
  6. You are also responsible for gaining acceptance to the University of Texas or Huston-Tillotson University (link opens new window).  Acceptance into the ROTC program does not guarantee assignment to either, so it is recommended that you apply to at least three of your desired universities. Contact the NROTC Unit at the University of Texas if you have any problems with the admissions process at the University of Texas


  • Full tuition at one of the listed college or universities
  • All colleges/university educational fees
  • Stipend for text books
  • Provide all uniforms
  • Subsistance allowance each academic month

Marine Option

Application eligibility and benefits for the four-year NROTC scholarship Marine Option program are the same as Navy Option scholarships except the minimum SAT test scores are 1000 composite or the minimum ACT test score is a 45 combined score for the english and math portions. If you are interested in a career in the Marine Corps, email our Marine Officer Instructor, or call him at 512-471-7647.


This program is designed for college students with 2 years until graduation. The two-year scholarship program covers tuition, fees, textbooks and uniforms plus a monthly subsistence ($300 for junior year, and $350 for senior year) for a maximum of twenty academic months for the junior and senior years of college only. Applications for this program are completed early in the Spring semester of each year. Contact the NROTC Unit at the University of Texas at Austin by Febuary 15 to apply for a two-year scholarship.

Additional Information:

  • Covers final two years of college
  • Provides tuition, fees, textbooks, and uniforms for two academic years
  • Subsistence allowance for a maximum of 20 months
  • Open to college students who have completed their sophomore year or third year in a five-year curriculum
  • Deadline date: 15 March of the applicant's sophomore year
  • On graduation commission as ensign, US Naval Reserve or second lieutenant, US Marine Corps Reserve
  • Total military service obligation is eight years, at least four of which must be active duty


Not all students in the NROTC program are on an NROTC scholarship. Many high school students are unaware of the scholarship opportunities until it is too late to apply. Consequently, many of our students participate in NROTC without a scholarship in order to achieve their ultimate goal of service in the Navy or Marine Corps as a commissioned officer. The NROTC Unit strives to award Three-Year NROTC Scholarships to these College Program students if they continue to excel morally, mentally, and physcially. For application information and deadline, contact the NROTC Unit.

Three-year Scholarship

This scholarship program is designed for those students participating in the NROTC program at the University of Texas without a scholarship.  Applications will be submitted by the NROTC Unit based on the academic and military performance of the students after one semester of participation in the NROTC Program.  The three-year scholarship program covers all tuition, fees, textbooks and uniforms plus a monthly.  For application information and deadline, contact the NROTC Unit at the University of Texas.

Two-Year College Program

This program is similar to the Two Year Scholarship and is designed for students not awarded a scholarship, but still want to complete the NROTC program and become a commissioned officer in the Navy.  The two-year college program is a nonsubsidized program which covers uniforms and a monthly subsistence ($350 for junior year, and $400 for senior year) for twenty academic months for the junior and senior years of college only.  Applications for this program are completed early in the Spring semester of each year.  For application information and deadline, contact the NROTC Unit at the University of Texas.

Additional Information

  • Applicants selected from students already attending or accepted by colleges with NROTC programs
  • Pays for uniforms and instructional fees for naval science courses
  • College Program students selected for "advanced standing" receive a stipend for maximum of 20 months. Advance standing is only available starting the junior year of college. Stipend per academic month is $350 junior year and $400 senior year.
  • Students will complete naval science and other university courses, a few specific university courses, and attend one summer training session
  • Normally at sea for Navy officers
  • Normally at Quantico, VA for Marine Corps-option midshipmen
  • Four-year applicants apply through professors of naval science upon commencement of freshman year
  • Two-year applicants apply before spring of sophomore year
  • When accepted, two-year applicants will attend six-and-a-half week Naval Science Institute program in Newport, RI during summer between sophomore and junior years
  • On graduation, two- and four-year College Program midshipmen may be commissioned ensigns in the Naval Reserve or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps Reserves
  • Obligation of eight years commissioned service, at least three of which must be active duty


    • The Navy Nurse Corps NROTC Program is not available at the University of Texas at Austin. Please visit the following website for a list of universities that offer this program:  
      Universities with NROTC Nursing Programs
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