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Summer Cruise

As part of the curriculum, the NROTC program provides summer training cruises for scholarship and College Program midshipmen.  Scholarship midshipmen participate in training cruises each summer they are enrolled in NROTC.  College Program midshipmen only attend the First Class Cruise as described below.  All travel and modest pay of approximately $17 per day while assigned to cruise is funded by the Navy or Marine Corps.  The cruise program is not only professional training, but the first chance for many midshipmen to “See the World.” Travel opportunities abound in the Navy and Marine Corps.  Besides sending midshipmen to bases all over the United States, such as San Diego, Norfolk, and Seattle, many midshipmen have been assigned to ships deployed to foreign countries like Italy, Spain, Thailand, and many more.

Learn more about summer training cruises (link opens new window)

There are three types of summer cruises:


Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID) is designed to give midshipmen experience in all warfare areas to aid them in making future career decisions, and provide additional professional exposure.  Following their freshman year, midshipmen will spend a week with each of the following warfare specialties:

  • Naval Aviation
  • Surface Warfare
  • Submarine Warfare
  • Marine Corps


Midshipmen will spend approximately 4 weeks between their sophomore and junior years aboard a ship or submarine.  They will be assigned a running mate from a division who is generally an E-5 or E-6.  The purpose of this cruise is to ensure that all midshipmen understand the importance of the enlisted members of the crew of a ship and their place in the chain of command.  Additionally, Marine Option midshipmen can participate in special cruises such as Amphibious Operation Exercises (AOE) or Combined Arms Exercises (CAX).


Midshipmen will spend approximately 4 weeks between their junior and senior years aboard a ship or submarine or assigned to an aviation squadron.  They will be assigned a junior officer as their running mate.  The purpose of this training period is to teach midshipmen the day to day life of a junior officer and their place in the chain of command.  Midshipmen desiring to go into the Special Warfare community (i.e. SEALs) will be sent to Mini-BUD's for training and evaluation by officers and enlisted in the SEAL community.

Marine Option midshipmen will attend Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia in lieu of a shipboard training cruise.

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