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Robert L Causey

Professor Emeritus PhD, University of California, Berkeley



Causey taught at the University of Texas from 1967 until retiring in 2006. He has been Chairman of the Philosophy Department (1980-88) and was a co-founder of the U.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He has served on the Editorial Board of Philosophy of Science, on the Governing Board of the Philosophy of Science Association, and has done consulting work on applications of logic and of artificial intelligence programming. He is author of Unity of Science, 1977,  Logic, Sets, and Recursion, 1994, 2nd Edition 2006, is a contributor to the multi-media publication, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Gordon Novak, Jr. (ed.), 1988, and has many publications in philosophical and scientific journals.  He has been a member of the American Philosophical Association (APA) Committee on Computer Use in Philosophy and was the first Web Page Reviews Editor for the APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers.  His research has included mathematical models in the theory of measurement, the logical structure of scientific theories and explanations, and defeasible reasoning in artificial intelligence.  Causey’s main webpage is:  Robert L. Causey Homepage  .


Logic, philosophy of science, artificial intelligence
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