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Jacqueline Woolley, Chair The University of Texas at Austin, SEA 4.212, Austin, TX 78712 • (512) 475-7596

Summer 2009

PSY s301 • Intro to Psychology - North

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
86968 MTWThF
10:00 AM-11:30 AM
SEA 2.108

Course Description

The purpose of this class is to explore the myriad areas of psychology (e.g. social, clinical, cognitive, neuroscience, and developmental) with emphasis on major research findings, themes, theories, and issues. In addition, you will learn to think critically about research in psychology and to apply research to your own experiences and observations.

Grading Policy

The course grade will be based on exams, an analytical paper, and weekly thought papers on assigned readings. There will be three hour-long examinations (80 points each), each covering about one-third of the course material, and a final exam worth 80 points for a total possible exam score of 240 points. The analytical paper will be worth 100 points, and weekly thought papers on assigned readings will be worth a total of 60 points, for a possible course total of 400 points.


Exploring Psychology by Meyers, (7th Ed.)


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