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Jacqueline Woolley, Chair The University of Texas at Austin, SEA 4.212, Austin, TX 78712 • (512) 475-7596

Summer 2009

PSY n418 • Statistics and Research Design - W - Haley

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
86840 MTWTh
10:00 AM-11:30 AM
12:00 PM-2:00 PM
NOA 1.116
SEA 2.114/.122

Course Description

The purpose of this class is to acquire an appreciation for, as well as some knowledge of the scientific method as it is applied within the field of psychology. Students will learn to critically evaluate published research, to form empirically testable hypotheses, and to design and conduct experiments relevant to those hypotheses. Students also will learn to employ computers to statistically describe and evaluate experimental data. Considerable emphasis will be placed on writing of research reports with clarity and objectivity

Grading Policy

The course grade will be based on the total of 600 lecture and laboratory points. The points for the lecture portion will be based on three full-period exams, an optional final, quizzes, and homeworks.


Jackson, Sherri, L. Research Methods and Statistics: A Critical Thinking Approach.


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