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Jacqueline Woolley, Chair The University of Texas at Austin, SEA 4.212, Austin, TX 78712 • (512) 475-7596

Fall 2009

PSY 309 • Personality - Aguirre

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
43994 MWF
12:00 PM-1:00 PM
SEA 2.108

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with the tools to address questions about why we are all different from one another by examining the major theories of personality and the empirical research that has attempted to validate those theories. Students will be asked to understand the assumptions a personality theory makes, including the terms and organization of that theory, apply several different theories to a person or a group of people, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of personality theories.

Grading Policy

The course grade will be based on three exams (consisting of multiple choice and short answer), an optional cumulative final exam, and 4 thought papers (one page each) worth 5% of your final grade. The optional cumulative final exam will replace the lowest grade on the three exams.


Burger, J.M. (2008). Personality (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson. (ISBN: 978-0-495-09786-0).


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