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Jacqueline Woolley, Chair The University of Texas at Austin, SEA 4.212, Austin, TX 78712 • (512) 475-7596

Fall 2005

PSY 323 • Perception

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
42950 MWF
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
NOA 1.124

Course Description

The study of sensation and perception is central to all of psychology because in order to make an adaptive response, one must first understand the nature of the stimulus. In this course we study the structure of the sense organs and how they transduce the physical stimulus into a neurophysiological response. We then follow the anatomical projections of the sensory neurons into and through the brain, discussing the particular types of neural information processing occurring at each synaptic level. Our current knowledge from anatomical and physiological investigations is related to classical psychophysical, modern cognitive, and other behavioral investigations. This knowledge has been acquired over several centuries through a multi-disciplinary scientific endeavor. In the end, the goal is to understand the classical perceptual problems discussed in psychology at several different levels of analysis -- from the most basic electrochemical events in the brain to the more cognitive and phenomenological events in the mind.

Grading Policy

Exams: multiple choice


Sekuler, Perception. 2005


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