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Engineers, Psychologists To Duplicate Search Process of Human Eye

Posted: January 1, 2005

A team of engineers and psychologists at The University of Texas at Austin has received $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation to develop a visual search system capable of finding objects in cluttered environments.

Dr. Alan C. Bovik, electrical engineering professor, and the project’s other principal investigators, Drs. Larry Cormack, Bill Geisler and Eyal Seidemann, all psychology professors at The University of Texas at Austin, will research the methods used by humans to search for objects to understand the process used by the human eye. The group will then create mathematical algorithms for use in software and companion hardware capable of visually searching like humans.

“The most obvious example would be a robot with eyes,” Bovik says. “You’d tell it to look for your shoes, and it would find them and bring them to you. The concept is science fiction right now, but could be science fact farther in the future.” Read more...

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