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Robert Helmreich Will Deliver Keynote Address at Australian Aviation Psychology Seminar

Posted: October 31, 2006

Robert Helmreich, Professor of Psychology, will deliver the keynote address entitled 'Riding the Tsumami of Threat and Error' at the Australian Aviation Psychology Seminar, Manly Beach, Austraila on Nov 9. He will also chair a workshop on monitoring normal operations for safety in aviation, medicine, and rail.

Dr. Helmreich is quoted in the October 31, 2006 edition of The New York Times in "What Pilots Can Teach Hospitals About Patient Safety" by Kate Murphy:

“Medicine is a more complex environment with more professionals interacting than in aviation,” said Robert Helmreich, professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and director of its Human Factors Research Project, which studies team performance and the influence of culture and behavior in aviation and health care.

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