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Fellowship, scholarship help fund undergraduate research project

Posted: December 13, 2011

In Fall 2011 Lindsay Taraban was awarded a $792 Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the Office of the Vice President for Research, as well as a $600 research scholarship from the College of Liberal Arts. The awards helped her develop a research project on the subject of self-explanation and relational noun learning in young children. She reports that her results look promising, so she will continue the project next semester with the aim of publishing her findings.
View Lindsay's poster (PDF)

According to Lindsay, "Self-explanation is a learning tool that's been demonstrated effective at helping grade-school children understand and solve complex problems in math and sciences and I was basically researching whether this tool would also help young children, and whether it can be helpful for language-based tasks (instead of math/science).

Project Title: The Effects of Self-Explanation on Children’s Learning of Relational Nouns
Supervisor: Catharine Echols

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