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Schallert research aids in discovery of neuroprotective effects of exercise

Posted: May 18, 2012

In a recent interview, renowned neurologist Michael Zigmond (University of Pittsburgh), talked about the crucial role played by UT Psychology's Tim Schallert in his discovery of the neuroprotective effects of exercise. Zigmond, in studying Parkinson's disease, learned dopamine had been implicated in neurological deficits. Schallert, who had been studying neurotoxin-induced neural damage on rats' brains, was interested in the possibility that physical exercise was protective of dopamine neurons. The two collaborated twelve years ago; and, after examining tissue sent by Schallert, Dr. Zigmond found that physical exercise before exposure to toxins reduced the effects of toxins on dopamine neurons and on animals' behavior as well. (To listen to podcast, go to web page via this link and click on the arrow below the body of text. May not be available on some devices) >

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