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Psychology Students Receive Fall 2013 Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Posted: November 12, 2013


Undergraduate Research Fellowships provide support (up to $1,000) for specific scholarly investigative projects conducted by University of Texas at Austin undergraduates. They are intended to cover costs associated with academic research projects proposed and written by student applicants and undertaken with the supervision of a University faculty member, lecturer, senior lecturer or full-time Research Scientist or Engineer.

Seven Psychology students received an Undergraduate Research Fellowship award for Fall 2013:

Nicholas Govea

Rebecca S. Bigler, Supervisor

“A Psychophysiological Investigation of Biracial Perception and Race based Social Stress”

Cintia Hinojosa

Cristine H. Legare, Supervisor

“Ostracism as a Motivator for Peer Imitation in Children”

Julia R. Martz

Juan M. Dominguez, Supervisor

“Medial Preoptic Modulation of Cocaine-Induced Locomotion”

Joshua A. Ruiz

W. Todd Maddox, Supervisor

“Reward Sensitivity Effects on Exploratory Decision-Making in Depression”

Vaibhav R. Sapuram

W. Todd Maddox, Supervisor

“The Effect of Emotional Arousal on Within-Object and Between-Object Category Learning”

Rachel S. Tessmer

Bharath Chandrasekaran, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Supervisor

“Optimizing Auditory Training for Second Language Learning”

Sarah J. Witkowski

David M. Schnyer, Supervisor

“The Effects of Social Media Use on Sleep in Young Adults”


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