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Graduate Studies

Graduate concentrations in Rhetoric and Digital Literacies and Literatures are offered through the Department of English. Admissions requirements can be found here.


Ph.D. Program Description

Graduate students in rhetoric complete coursework in the history of rhetoric; rhetorical and discourse theory; composition theory, pedagogy and practice; and discourse analysis.

Their professional development includes practical experience as teachers of writing. Over the course of their careers, graduate students may teach RHE306, the first-year course in argumentation, and design and teach various sections of RHE309, the sophomore-level course in rhetorical topics.

Digital Literacies and Literatures

Ph.D. Program Description

This concentration investigates the complicated issues of textuality that have arisen with the advent of the computer age, and seeks to develop a dialogue between print-based cultures and the emergent cultures of electronic information.

Like Rhetoric students, Digital Literacies and Literatures graduate students have the opportunity to teach and work as writing consultants for the DRW. Their preparation may also include teaching in networked computer classrooms for the DWRL.

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