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Martha G. Newman, Chair BUR 529, Mailcode A3700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-7737

Summer 2003

R S s361 • Yoga as Philosophy and Practice (Area IV)

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
87715 MTWThF
1:00 PM-2:30 PM
WAG 112

Course Description

This course will begin with an examination of the Yoga-sutra by Patanjali and two or three classical Sanskrit commentaries on it. We shall look at the text both as expressing a metaphysics and as a “how-to book” on yogic practice, focusing on certain bridge psychological concepts and theories. We shall also look at scholarly attempts to reconstruct he origins of yogic practices, particularly as proffered by (1) contemporary philosophers and (2) medical researchers. We shall pay some but less attention to modern psychological interpretations. No Sanskrit or previous background in Indian philosophy is necessary, but students with no previous course work in philosophy or in psychology should contact the instructor.

Grading Policy

A short paper informing a long paper and a class presentation.



  • Mircea Eliade, Yoga: Immortality and Freedom
  • The Yogusutra by Patanjali and Commentary by Vyasa (edition to be determined)
  • (For list of photocopies see the following website:)


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