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Martha G. Newman, Chair BUR 529, Mailcode A3700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-7737

Fall 2005

R S 341 • History of Buddhism

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
43480 MW
3:00 PM-4:30 PM
utc 3.110

Course Description

This course examines the history of Buddhism by tracing the development of its various schools, doctrines, and religious practices in Asia and beyond. We will explore the historical background against which it arose in India, and study the life of the Buddha, the early teachings, and the structure of the Buddhist community of monastics and laypeople. We will examine the growth of Buddhism in India, the development of Theravada Buddhism and its spread into South East Asia. The emergence of Mahayana Buddhism in India and its spread into Central Asia and East Asia will be covered as well as the development of Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet. We will then examine the 19th century movement of Buddhist modernism in Sri Lanka and its relations to the Western world. This will be the basis for eventually exploring the various ways Buddhism came to Europe and America and examining the new forms and ideas it developed here.

Grading Policy

Attendance/participation: 20% Three quizzes: 30% (10% each) Oral presentation: 20% Final exam: 30%


H. Bechert/R. Gombrich, The World of Buddhism J. Strong, The Experience of Buddhism C.S. Prebish/D. Keown, Buddhism - The eBook


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