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Portfolio Degree Requirements

(Master's and Doctoral)

1.  Completion of 4 thematically related courses, for 12 hours of credit, in graduate level courses approved by the Portfolio Committee. The Portfolio Committee is always willing to consider adding new courses to this list.
View the list of currently approved courses for the portfolio program (PDF)

2.  The four courses must be offered by at least two departments outside of the student's home department.

3.  The four courses should have a clear theme and specialization, approved by the Portfolio Committee. Students are encouraged to take at least one course that explores theoretical approaches to the study of religion; such a course may be substituted for one of the four thematically related courses.
View sample specializations

4.  In addition to the course requirements, each student must give a public presentation of his or her scholarly work to the Religious Studies students and faculty at the University of Texas at Austin. The usual venue for such a presentation will be a yearly Religious Studies Graduate Student Conference. All portfolio students are expected to attend the conference.

5.  Students must inform the Religious Studies office each semester about their progress and seek approval from the Portfolio Committee for the Study of Religion for their completed portfolio.

6.  The program will be administered by the Director of Religious Studies in conjunction with the Portfolio Committee. The Portfolio Committee must approve each student's specialization and certify the completion of the portfolio.

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