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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cross-listed courses?

All courses have a home department. When a professor believes the subject matter of the course should not be limited to this department, the course can be cross-listed with other departments. A course is generally cross-listed with 1 to 6 departments. One thing to remember about cross-listed courses is that it will only count once towards your degree no matter what department you take it under.

If I register for a RS course under a different course number, will it still count towards my major or minor?

Yes. If the course is cross-listed with RS, it will count towards your major/minor no matter what course number you take it under.

How can courses that are not cross-listed with RS count towards the major?

Some courses are unable to be cross-listed with Religious Studies even though the content is relevant to Religious Studies. In such cases, the student should consult the academic advisor of the Department of Religious Studies.

How do I determine what Area a Religious Studies course is listed under?

The Religious Studies course area lists to see courses listed by area for each semester.

What is required to get a double-major?

Students seeking a double-major must meet the major requirements of both majors, as well as fulfill the College's general degree requirements. Also, students must officially declare both majors with the College of Liberal Arts. If a student takes a course that is cross-listed between the 2 major departments, the course can count towards both majors. It is best for students interested in obtaining 2 majors to discuss their plan with each major advisor.

What is required to get a dual degree?

In order to obtain a dual degree, the student must meet all the general degree requirements required by both Colleges and all the hours required by each major. It is best for students interested in doing this to discuss their plan with the each major advisor.

What are the requirements of an Independent Research in Religious Studies course (R S 362)?

In order to register for an Independent Research in Religious Studies course, students must first find a professor who will work with them and give them a grade at the end of the sememster. The student must also fill out the Independent Research in Religious Studies form with the professor of their choice, outlining the research project. The form must then be submitted to the Religious Studies office for approval from the director. After the director approves the form, the student will be able to register for the course. No matter what topic the student chooses to study, this course will not count towards any Area requirement or the primary concentration. It will just count as 3 upper-division hours in Religious Studies. This course is highly recommended for those students planning on obtain Religious Studies Honors in order to prepare them for the thesis course.

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