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Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

2010-12, 2012-14, and 2014-16 Catalogs

Part 1

One course in each of the following areas (12 hours):

  • Area I: Religions of Asia
  • Area II: Religions of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Area III: Religions of the Americas
  • Area IV: Approaches to the study of religion and comparative studies of religion

** A list of current courses divided by area is available here.

Part 2

Primary Area: 6 additional hours of upper-division coursework concentrated in one of the four areas listed above. Selection of the Primary Area should be made in consultation with the Religious Studies Advisor

Part 3

R S 375S Advanced Seminar in Religious Studies: This required course, taken during the senior year or second semester of the junior year, is designed to serve as a capstone experience for Religious Studies majors. Advanced Seminars cover multiple religious traditions and focus on thematic and methodological issues in the study of religion.

Part 4

9 additional hours of Religious Studies: These courses can be in any area, allowing students flexibility to explore a diverse range of traditions and themes or further specialize in a particular area of interest.


12 hours (including 6 hours upper-division and 6 hours in residence) in any one field of study at the university.
** As an alternative, students may take 12 lower-division hours in a second foreign language to fulfill the Religious Studies minor.

Additional Degree Information

Official Religious Studies Degree Plan - 2010-2012 Catalog (PDF)
Religious Studies Sample Four-Year Plan - 2010-2012 Catalog (PDF)

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