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Mary Neuburger, Chair BUR 452, 2505 University Avenue, Stop F3600, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3607

Spring 2006

RUS 397P • Curriculum Design and Materials Development in Foreign Languages and Cultures

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
45097 TTh
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
CAL 422

Course Description

In the current post-proficiency-movement age, questions in foreign language teaching and learning arise concerning the appropriateness of the materials and textbooks created in the last twenty years. With overall student enrollments in foreign languages - especially Slavic down, reported interest in reading L2 literature down, but desire for practical, specialized use of L2 up, we are presented with questions as how best to address these service-oriented needs of learners. This seminar/practicum will give participants the opportunity to develop their understanding of curriculum design and materials development for language and culture courses other than English, with a special emphasis on the Slavic languages. In the course, participants will devise innovative curricula for a language course they plan to teach, develop materials both in-class and multimedia support for this course, and develop assessment instruments for the course that are level and age-appropriate. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to work on projects for collecting, preparing and assembling language-teaching kits for use in K-12 school exploratory programs.

Grading Policy

Sample Materials (syllabi, curricular, classroom and reference) 30% Final paper (15-18 pp.) 30% In-class seminar presentation 20% Active participation 20%


" Designing Language Courses. Kathleen Graves, Boston: Newbury House, 2000. " The Elements of Language Curriculum, James D. Brown, Boston: Newbury House, 1995. " Curriculum Development in Language Teaching, Jack Richards, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001. " Packet of readings available at Speedway Printers in Dobie Mall


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