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Language Proficiency for MA Students

A. Russian language

When a new student is advised for the first time, the Graduate Adviser will schedule with him or her a time to take a Grammar Placement Examination (GPE). This examination, a multiple-choice one-hour examination of achievement in Russian grammar, is used for the evaluation and placement of in-coming students in Russian language classes, as well as an aid in assigning responsibilities to those awarded Assistantships. There is no minimal grade which must be achieved.

Each student must also pass a Reading Proficiency Examination (RPE) in Russian. The exam will be administered before classes each semester, as required; the Graduate Adviser will announce the date. The purpose of the RPE is to verify that the student has the translation and reading comprehension skills necessary to do graduate work in Slavic languages. The exam is not based on work which is part of our program; rather, passing the exam is a prerequisite to take graduate courses which require extensive reading in Russian.

Students who enter the program without deficiencies in their Russian language background must take the examination during the first semester that they are enrolled in the program. Students who enter the program with deficiencies in their Russian language background must take the necessary language courses as soon as possible; they must take the examination during the first semester after the completion of third-year Russian (Russian 324 and 325).

B. Second Slavic language

The student must demonstrate a working knowledge of a second contemporary Slavic language. Old Church Slavic does not satisfy this requirement because it is not a contemporary language. This requirement may be satisfied in either of the following ways:

By coursework: two semesters of study with grades of A or B. Languages regularly taught in our department are Czech, Polish, and Serbo-Croatian. No graduate credit is awarded for courses taken to satisfy the second Slavic language requirement.

By examination, to be administered by the appropriate faculty member. It is the student's responsibility after the exam to submit to the Graduate Adviser a brief note signed by the supervising faculty member that the exam has been passed.


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