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M.A. Program

The following information is for current MA students of the Slavic Languages and Literatures Program.

If you are still interested in the Slavic and Eurasian Studies program, please visit our MA in Area Studies website

Language proficiency

For MA students, proficiency is required in both Russian and a second Slavic Language. 

Course requirements

There are two degree options: the thesis option and the report option. Each degree plan requires 37 hours of coursework. A thesis demonstrates original research; a report consists of the application of research or the gathering of data. Either may be based on a previously-submitted course paper, but must constitute a further development beyond that paper. Theses and reports are expected to be in English; while there is no length requirement, they typically exceed 30-40 pages. The choice of option rests with the student. Both the thesis and report must be in the major field.

Course loads for graduate students in Slavic Languages vary considerably. The average course load is between nine and twelve semester hours (three to four courses), but this is not a rule. A five semester (two-and-a-half year) course of study is normal for a student admitted with no deficiencies.

The University requires that a graduate student spend at least two semesters carrying out "full time" graduate work in residence and complete the major portion of the degree program at the University of Texas at Austin. The department does not have the resources to make our program available to students off-campus, except for the odd semester devoted to thesis research or in-country experience.

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