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Course Requirements for the PhD

33 credit hours of course work are required. These courses are to be organized as follows:

  • 15 semester credit hours (five courses) in the major field of concentration:
For the program in Literature and culture, two of the five courses in the major must be specialized survey courses (i.e., survey courses in topics other than the prose and/or poetry of the nineteenth and/or twentieth centuries). Examples of such courses are Old Russian Literature, Eighteenth Century Russian Literature, Russian Critical and Literary Theory, and Russian Drama.
For the program in Applied Linguistics/Pedagogy, courses are divided into three categories: two must be from the field of linguistics (one of which must be in the Slavic department), two from foreign language education, and one in research methods. A list of eligible courses is available from the Graduate Adviser.
For the program in Slavic linguistics, there must be at a minimum coverage of the following areas of Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, and Historical/Comparative Slavic linguistics, whether in organized or independent study courses:

  • 9 semester credit hours (three courses) in the minor field of concentration
  • 3 hours of credit in a graduate level course in advanced stylistics and conversation skills in the designated primary Slavic language. For Russian, the typical primary language, the department regularly offers the course Russian 380D (Advanced Russian Composition and Conversation II). If another language is to be the primary Slavic language, special arrangements must be made with the appropriate faculty member to do analogous work as an independent study course.
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