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Robert Crosnoe, Chair CLA 3.306, Mailcode A1700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-6300

Spring 2007

SOC 379N • Conference Course

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
46370 -TBA


Course Description

Hour(s) to be arranged. Restricted Enrollment; Contact the department for permission to register for this course. May be repeated for credit. Supervised individual study of selected problems in Sociology. Individual instruction. This is a special course that has no regular class meetings, but provides the student with the opportunity to pursue a sociological topic or research interest in depth. In typical cases, the student will generate a topic or interest from a regularly-scheduled course and will approach the professor with a request to enroll in 379N to explore the topic with additional readings and research. If the supervising professor grants the request, together the student and professor draw up a contract for the course that outlines the course goals, requirements, readings, assignments, meeting schedule and evaluation criteria. This contract is submitted to the Sociology Undergraduate Faculty Advisor for approval. Upon approval, the student must register for the course in the Undergraduate Advising Office, BUR 230D. SOC 379N may not duplicate course content of a regular course offered in the same semester as the conference course. Objectives: To provide the student with the opportunity to explore a specific topic and/or engage in sociological research. Selection of a faculty supervisor: This is arranged by the student. Faculty members are not obliged to grant student requests for supervising 379N. Most professors require a student to receive an A in a regularly-scheduled sociology course that they teach before they will sponsor a conference course.

The exact details of the requirements are determined by the supervising faculty member and listed on a contract which must be submitted to and approved by the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor. The following requirements are mandatory for all students enrolled in this course: 1. Satisfactory completion of readings and/or research assignments, involving approximately nine hours per week; 2. At least two meetings with the faculty supervisor during the semester to monitor progress, and one final meeting between the supervisor and student in which the student summarizes the conclusions reached during the semester; 3. A substantial term paper that summarizes the conclusions reached during the semester. Evaluation: The grade for the course is determined by the faculty supervisor and should reflect the extent to which the student successfully completed the course requirements. The details of the grading criteria must be clearly stated by the faculty supervisor, and these criteria should be noted in the contract that the student submits to the Department at the start of this course.


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