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Robert Crosnoe, Chair CLA 3.306, Mailcode A1700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-6300

Spring 2008

SOC 340C • Globalization

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
46570 TTh
9:30 AM-11:00 AM
CPE 2.204

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the interrelated processes of economic, political, and cultural globalization. Under the heading of economic globalization, we will focus on multinational corporations, international financial and trade institutions (i.e., the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization), and the manner in which they facilitate globalization by reducing the economic and political sovereignty of nation states. We will also consider these economic entities' impact on global inequality and its consequences, including the potential for political instability and terrorism. Continuing with a more political focus, we will examine strategies for addressing global problems (e.g., terrorism, human trafficking, global warming, AIDS), paying particular attention to need for cooperation between nation states, NGOs, and grassroots social movements. Addressing the cultural side of globalization, we will look at some of the ways in which economic and political changes impact national cultures, as well as how these changes are localized when filtered through diverse cultural lenses. In each of the aforesaid areas, we will examine the role of the United States in the global arena, given its status a dominant economic, military, and cultural force.

Grading Policy

3 exams 75%
Pop quizzes: 25%

There are also opportunities for students to acquire up to three (3)"extra credit" points and up to three (3) "class participation" points. In both instances, these are full percentage points that will be added to your semester grade.

You're allowed three (3) absences during the semester without penalty (excluding our introductory class meeting). These "allowed absences" are intended to cover such circumstances as illness, family emergencies, university scheduled events, etc. If you miss more than three classes, regardless of the reason for the absences, your semester grade will be reduced by one full percentage points for each absence beyond the three allowed. The one exception to this policy concerns absences for religious holidays, assuming proper notification is given.


I'm in the process of selecting an entirely new set of readings for the class, and there are some really good new books and papers available. It's just a matter of deciding which ones we're going to use. It should be an exciting set of readings focusing on the economic, political, and cultural aspects of globalization!


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