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Robert Crosnoe, Chair CLA 3.306, Mailcode A1700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-6300

Spring 2010

SOC 321K • Sociology of Masculinities-W

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
46365 MW
5:00 PM-6:30 PM
BUR 231

Course Description

Why do we study men and masculinity? Isn't traditional academic knowledge male biased, anyway? Yes, most scholarship has been androcentric but women’s studies intellectuals have facilitated the emergence of a critical analysis and study of men as men. This course is devoted to a sociological examination of the most important debates and discussions about men’s experiences of masculinity in contemporary patriarchal societies. In this course, we will examine social and individual meanings of masculinity, the dominant paradigms of masculinity that we take as the norm, and the problems, contradictions and paradoxes men experience in modern society. We will examine these themes while looking at the social and cultural dynamics shaped by class, race/ethncity, sexuality, age, and culture in a variety of social contexts and arrangements. Although we will study men representing the diverse cultural groups in the United States, we will pay special attention to the experiences of Latino men. We will examine the privileges as well as the costs of rigid expressions of masculinity. In our discussions we will explore avenues for social justice and change.

Grading Policy

CLASS PARTICIPATION & CLASS ATTENDANCE (5%) Students are responsible for the following: a) attending all class meetings; b) completing reading assignments on time; and c) participating in both small group, and class discussions and assignments. I will run this class in a way that is similar to graduate seminars. Therefore, I will invite students to give a presentation based on a schedule. Then, I will deliver a lecture and we will spend a good deal of time discussing the assigned reading. You are required to analyze materials and lectures as you develop your own critical thinking and views of men's lives, culture and society.

FREEWRITING PAPERS (20%) We will organize a schedule to ensure that a rotating set of participants comes to class with a freewriting paper about the readings assigned each day we meet. Students will prepare their written responses to our readings. The written responses should be 3 FULL pages of text, typed, double-space, 1 by 1 inch margins, and 12 (twelve) point font. The papers should: a) summarize the core concepts, ideas and arguments of the article/text; b) offer the student’s response to the reading by establishing connections with previously examined readings; and, c) offer two questions that might help promote class discussion. The students responsible for the freewriting papers of a specific day will be asked to give a 10 minute presentation of their papers. By the end of the semester, each student must have submitted 4 freewriting papers. Grade is assigned based on both written and oral components of this assignment. However, the quality of the student’s writing represents 80% of the grade assigned to this particular assignment. Papers are due on the day that a specific reading is assigned. Late papers will not be accepted unless the student offers a physician statement or other valid documentation as required by university policies and regulations.

EXAMS (45%) The Exam # 1 (20%) and Exam # 2 (25%) will consist of both multiple choice and short essay questions. The exams will include all assigned readings, lectures and guest lectures, and any film or video clips covered in class. The student must obtain the professor’s permission one week in advance if she/he is not able to attend class on the day of the exam. She/he will then be assigned an alternate day and time to take the exam.



Kimmel & Messner, Men's Lives, 7th. Edition, Allyn and Bacon, (Important: I may use 8th edition--not sure yet) The book is available at the University CO-OP.
Course reader available at Jenn's Copy & Binding. Jenn’s is located on Guadalupe by Dean Keeton, ph. 473-8669.


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