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Sociology Brown Bag: Mike Flynn - "Global Detention Project"

Mon, April 19, 2010 • 11:30 AM • BUR 214

The Global Detention Project (GDP) is an inter-disciplinary research endeavor that investigates the role detention plays in states’ responses to global migration, with a special focus on the policies and physical infrastructures of detention. The project, which was initiated in October 2006 with funding from the Geneva International Academic Network, is based at the Graduate Institute’s Program for the Study of Global Migration.
Migration-related detention is the practice of detaining—typically on administrative (as op-posed to criminal) grounds—asylum seekers and irregular immigrants until they can be de-ported, their identities established, or their claims adjudicated. Because many national legal systems do not have clear rules for administrative detention, migration detainees often face legal uncertainties, including lack of access to the outside world, limited possibilities of challenging detention through the courts, and/or absence of limitations on the duration of detention.
The goals of the Global Detention Project are three-fold: 1) to provide researchers, advocates, and journalists with a measurable and regularly updated baseline for analyzing the growth and evolution of detention practices and policies; 2) to encourage scholarship in this often under-studied aspect of the immigration phenomenon; and 3) to facilitate accountability and transparency in the treatment of detainees.

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