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Caitlyn Collins

M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Caitlyn Collins



Caity is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology. She is interested in qualitative studies of gender, work, and families, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Her dissertation is a qualitative study of 135 working mothers in Germany, Sweden, Italy, and the United States. These four countries offer distinct policy approaches to reconciling work-family conflict. She examines how different ideals of motherhood and gender equality are embedded in these policy regimes, and how they shape the daily lives of working mothers in these countries. Caity has completed interviews in Germany (2011, 2012), Sweden (2013), and Italy (2014), and is completing the U.S. phase in spring 2015. This research is supported by a DDRIG grant from the National Science Foundation, and by awards from the European Union, Swedish Excellence Endowment, Work and Family Researchers Network, and the Department of Sociology, Urban Ethnography Lab, and College of Liberal Arts at UT.

Caity is a graduate fellow in the Urban Ethnography Lab, and is completing a portfolio in Women's and Gender Studies at UT. She served as a visiting researcher at the Linnaeus Center for Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe (SPaDE) at Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Institute for Family-Focused Research and Policy Services (FamilienForschung) in Stuttgart, Germany, and in the Department of Political Science at Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy. She is an editorial assistant for the Journal of Marriage and Family.

Caity has a BA in Sociology from Whitman College, and taught English in Spain, Honduras, and India before starting graduate school at UT in 2010.

Learn more about her work here.


Gender; Work; Families; Inequality; Comparative Social Policy; Qualitative Methods

SOC 307L • Gender/Race/Class Amer Soc

46065 • Fall 2014
Meets TTH 330pm-500pm CLA 0.112
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This course examines the interplay of gender, race, social class, and sexuality in American society. Drawing on lectures, readings, and films, we will explore how gender, race, class, and sexuality operate not simply as ways of categorizing people, but as interrelated differences and inequalities that have very real consequences for the opportunities people have and the challenges they face. We begin by examining each core concept from a sociological perspective – as social constructions that help to rationalize and justify social inequality. We will then focus our attention on the relationships among them – how gender, race, class, and sexuality intersect to shape individual experiences, daily social interactions, and society. Next, we examine how these differences and inequalities matter in a variety of interpersonal and institutional contexts, including popular culture, family life, education, the criminal justice system, and the labor force. Finally, we will evaluate solutions to social inequality and strategies for social change. 

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