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Katherine Jensen

M.A, The University of Texas at Austin

Katherine Jensen



Katherine Jensen is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests lie at the intersections of race/racism, the state and immigration. Her dissertation is an ethnographic study of the asylum-screening process in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Katie is interested in how, at the ground level, the state decides who deserves asylum, how race/racism might influence or constitute that process, and with what consequences. She discusses this research in an invited interview in Life & Letters.

Katie's article "Black brazil never slept," on racism and violence in the 2013 Brazil protests, is published in the journal Contexts. There is a supplementary Contexts podcast. Another piece she wrote on these themes can be found on the scholarly blog Racism Review, "When the Bullets Aren't Rubber." Her Master's thesis "Framing Afrodescendants in a country 'donde no hay negros': A critical analysis of the 2010 Argentine census survey of African descent" analyzes how government, media and Afro organizational actors understood the meaning of Afrodescendant and the purposes of the census question.

Katie is also a Graduate Fellow of the Urban Ethnography Lab, directed by Professor Javier Auyero, a collaborative academic space which bolsters training in the ethnographic method.



Race/Racism, the State, Immigration, Ethnography, Latin America, African Diaspora
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