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Kara Takasaki

M.A., The University of Chicago

Kara Takasaki



Kara is a doctoral student in sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and a trainee in the Population Research Center. She is interested in how Asian American families manage work and family expectations. 

At the University of Chicago, Kara wrote her qualitative M.A. thesis, Follow the leader: The reproduction and persistence of gender roles in salsa schoolswhich theorized why students participate in for-pay salsa schools, where they invest in the reproduction of stable and scripted heteronormative dance roles.

Originally from Hawaii, she did her B.A. in sociology and English at Tufts University and received high thesis honors for her qualitative senior honors thesis in sociology, The Value of Friendship: Social Validation and Support for the Individual. This thesis theorized the understudied topic of intimacy in non-kinship relationships, and how friendship supports kinship relationships and can provide diverse intimacies and resources over an increasingly unstable life course. 


CV available on request. 




work and family, intergenerational and intimate relationships, social and cultural inequality, sex and gender, family violence, asian americans
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