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Anima Adjepong

M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Anima Adjepong



L. Anima Adjepong is a graduate student in the Sociology Department at the University of Texas at Austin. Anima's research interests are at the intersection of gender, race, and sexuality. Her dissertation examines how different cultural expectations construct the lives of West African women who immigrate to the United States. 

Anima's thesis, We kind of bro out with each other too: Gender, race, and sexuality on and off the rugby pitch, examines how  whiteness and (hetero)sexuality shape the gendered experiences of women who play rugby in the United States. It received the 2014 Outstanding Masters' Thesis Award from the University of Texas - Austin.

Anima is also a Ford Foundation Fellow. 

Anima received an A.B. from Princeton University in Comparative Literature. Prior to attending UT, she worked in education research consulting in Washington, DC. While in graduate school Anima has also undertaken research consulting projects for a college access program in Central Texas. 


Cultural Studies; Diaspora; Immigration; Postcolonial Theory; Sociology of Sport; Sexualities; Gender; Race and Ethnicity; Qualitative Sociology
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