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Students publish in Journal of Marriage and Family

Jeremy Uecker and Charles Stokes present new findings on link between age and marriage

Posted: December 8, 2008
As the median age at first marriage in the United States continues to rise, researchers interested in family life have turned their attention toward explaining why young adults are not marrying in early adulthood. But UT graduate students Jeremy Uecker and Chuck Stokes ask a different question in their article "Early Marriage in the United States." In an effort to bring better balance to our understanding of family formation, Uecker and Stokes report the number of young adults who do marry early--despite reduced costs of delayed marriage in our society like growing and now widespread acceptance of premarital sex and cohabitation--and explain who continues to marry young. Uecker and Stokes analyze data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, a study that followed more than 15,000 respondents as they moved from adolescence to young adulthood, and find that although they receive little attention in scholarly research and the popular media, married young adults are fare
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