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Spring 2006

POR 381 • Narratives of the Amazon Frontier and the Backlands: Literary Presentations of the Jungle and the Desert in Brazil

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
45970 T
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
CBA 4.342

Course Description

This seminar will dedicate to the general study of the topic "Civilization versus Barbarism," as an ancient duality in modern times in Brazil, through the analysis of two topoi: the jungle (selva) and the backlands (sertøes). Through the works of canonical authors, the course will also investigate the following themes: colonial heritages in the Brazilian postcolonial history; cultural signs interpreted as barbaric signs (e.g. the continuous process of violence in Brazilian frontiers); crisis of personal and collective identities; frontiers, territories, regions (desert and jungle), nations, and the world; time and space in specific landscape representations; memory and oblivion (construction and destruction of sociabilities in Brazilian frontier culture.).

Grading Policy

20 % Two oral expositions of two bibliographical items 10% Two quizzes 30% Final essay 25% Final Exam 15% Class Participation (attendance, active participation, homework)


1. Theory, Criticism, History: o HARDMAN, Francisco Foot. Trem-fantasma: a ferrovia Madeira-Mamoré e a modernidade na selva. [1988]. 2§. Ed. Rev. and Augm. São Paulo: Comp. das Letras, 2005. o LEONARDI, Victor. Os historiadores e os rios: ensaio sobre a hist ìria da Amazïnia. Braslia: Unb/ Paralelo 15, 1999. o SOUZA, Márcio. A expressão amazonense: do colonialismo ao neocolonialismo. [1978]. 2§. Ed. Rev. and Augm. Manaus: Valer, 2003. 2. Backlands - Literary Textes: o CUNHA, Euclides da. Os sertôes. [1902]. o TAUNAY, Alfredo d'Escragnolle (Visconde de). A retirada da Laguna: epis ìdio da guerra do Paraguai [1874; 1§. Ed. in Fr.: 1871]. o ALENCAR, José de. O sertanejo [1875]. o TÁVORA, Franklin. O Cabeleira [1876].


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