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Jill Robbins, Chair 150 W 21st Street, Stop B3700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4936

Spring 2006

SPN 367K • Syntax and Stylistics

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
47160 MWF
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
ben 1.126

Course Description

The course is divided into three parts: I. Historical background, basic principles, and skills development in dialog interpreting; interpreter roles and ethical constraints. Review of the professional literature. Practice in sight translation and consecutive interpretation. II. Extensive practice of role-play in consecutive interpretation in specific settings: general and mental health, social services, legal and administrative settings. Discourse and social roles of the dialog interpreter. Review of practices in different countries, particularly Spain and Western Europe. III. Introduction to simultaneous interpreting in legal and conference settings with and without electronic equipment. Practice with scripts, rehearsed and unrehearsed. Review of the current professional status of legal, medical, and conference interpreters in the US and elsewhere.

Grading Policy

3 theoretic examinations 45% 3 Practical tests 30% Individual presentations 15% Attendance and participation 10%


A. Gentile et al., Liaison interpreting: a handbook D. Seleskovitch, Interpreting for international conferences C. Wadensj õ, Interpreting as interaction Supplementary bibliography: readings for individual presentations


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