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Spring 2006

SPN 372 • 20th-Century Spanish Literature

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
47170 MWF
9:00 AM-10:00 AM
ben 1.126

Course Description

Nowhere has literature and painting been richer and more innovative than in Spain in the twentieth century: Poetry and theater of Garcëa Lorca, paintings of his friend, Dalë, and by Joan Mirñ are only some of texts students in this course will be able to enjoy. Visual art is used in this course as a lead into literature, a graphic supplement to literary experiments of the day.

In addition to learning about verbal and visual art and their interrelationship, students will also develop a critical vocabulary that enlarges their understanding of the texts and the literary genres they will read in the course.

Grading Policy

Mid-term + Final exam 50% 2 five-page compositions 30% 1 oral Presentation 20%


Antologëa de la poesëa espaïola del S. XX, Ayuso. Vol. I. 1996 San Manuel Bueno, Martir. Miguel de Unamuno. Bodas de sangre, Garcëa Lorca Retablo de la avaricia, la lujuria, y la muerte. R. de Valle-Inclán Nada, Carmen Laforet El sur; Bene, Adelaida Garcëa Morales


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