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Fall 2006

SPN 325K • Introduction to Spanish American Literature Through Modernism

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11111 F


Course Description

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the literature of Spanish America, from its chronologically ambiguous indigenous roots to the late nineteenth century. As such, our readings will depart from the poetry and creation myths of the Pre-Columbian era, to the chronicles of the Conquest and the Early Colonial Period (1492-1600), to the Colonial Period (1600-1800), to the Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Realism of the Independence Period (1800-1880). As a natural consequence of the collisions, mergings, and unfoldings of such complex dynamics  cultural, political, linguistic, territorial, racial, national, and ultimately cosmological  the writings will consist of a greater diversity of genres than usual. In the Pre-Columbian era we will read creation myths and lyric poetry; in the Colonial Period we will read the crñnica, the relaciñn, the historia, and baroque and epic poetry; while in the Independence period our readings will include the pastoral, the autobiography, the essay, the short story, and romantic and gauchesca poetry. Central to this course is our focus on the sources and effects of transplantation, syncretism, mutation, transformation, and autochthonous invention of language, race, and cosmology that characterize much of contemporary Spanish American culture (in general) and literature (in particular).

Grading Policy

Homework 15% Quizzes 15% Midterm Paper (essay) 30% End of Term Paper (essay) 30% Attendance/Participation 10%


Raquel Chang-Rodrëguez and Malva E. Filer, Voces de Hispanoamérica. Boston: Heinle and Heinle, 2004. 3rd ed. A required course packet which contains supplementary readings, available at Jenn's Copies (22nd and Guadalupe).


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