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Spring 2007

SPN 346 • Practical Phonetics

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47850 -TBA


Course Description

Description: This course provides a thorough review of Spanish pronunciation, phonetics, and oral reading. The course will focus on 5 areas: 1. Pronunciation Representative: Leads group activities to practice, identify, and correct pronunciation. 2. Phonetics Representative: Leads group activities to learn and practice phonetic transcriptions and to be able to discuss the sounds of speech. 3. Talking Representative: Leads group in speaking activities that include follow up on pronunciation. 4. Listening Representative: Leads group in listening activities that include follow up on pronunciation. 5. Project Representative: Leads the group in the design, implementation, and presentation of the group project.

Grading Policy

1. Group Activity Representative, 6 x 50 pts = 300 pts. You will be graded on how well you engage the students in practice on the topic you represent. Turn in a brief (1 page) report on your preparation, execution, and results of each activity. Your report is due the day after your activity and can be written in either Spanish or English. 2. Participation in Group Activities, 35 x 10 pts = 350 pts. Students are expected to be in attendance and to be fully engaged in all of the group activities. Fully engaged means: making written notes, asking questions, completing assignments and practice activities, helping the presenter to be successful. 3. Group Project, Deliverable = 200 pts, 40-minute presentation = 100 pts. Each group will choose a term project related to the course objectives. Each project also requires a physical deliverable as evidence of work (e.g., a paper, teaching materials, video, web site, etc.) During the final week of class, each group will be given 40 minutes to report a summary of their project. Presentations are graded on how well they demonstrate progress in learning the course objectives (pronunciation, phonetics, oral language). After the presentation, members of the presenting group will divide up and lead a discussion on the content of their presentation with the other groups. The final grade is based on the percentage of total points earned (A=90+, B=80+, C=70+, D=60+). Points are distributed on the following basis: Group Activities (6 x 50 pts) 300 pts Participation (35 x 10 pts) 350 pts Deliverable of Group Project 200 pts Presentation of Group Project 100 pts TOTAL 950 pts


Course Resources: PRAAT. Download the latest version (windows or mac): The International Phonetic Association. Download charts and fonts. IPA-SAM fonts University of Iowa Phonetics Library. Peter Ladefoged Homepage. John Ohala Homepage. Kelm, Orlando. Phonetic transcription examples Kelm, Orlando. Spanish Proficiency Exercises Kelm, Orlando. Cultural Interviews Larynx Videos Functional Anatomy of the visible human Visible human experience Web anatomy Anatomy of the Larynx Introduction to waves Spectrogram Reading


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