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Jill Robbins, Chair 150 W 21st Street, Stop B3700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4936

Fall 2003

SPN 326L • Introduction to Spanish Literature Since 1700

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
44935 MWF
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
BAT 318

Course Description

The course is designed to acquaint students with some of the most significant works of Spanish literature over the space of almost three centuries. We shall study representative selections from various genres, analyzing them from literary point of view as well as within its social, historical and artistic context.

Grading Policy

There will be a midterm and final exam. Class attendance and class participation in discussions is required.


Spanish Literature: 1700-1900, John Kenneth Leslie, New York, Dodd, Mead and Co. The Generation of 1898 and After, Beatrice P. Patt, New York, Dodd, Mead and Co. University Custom Publishing Packet


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