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Fall 2003

SPN 327 • Advanced Grammar and Composition

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
44970 TTh
12:30 PM-2:00 PM
BAT 202

Course Description

The main goal is to provide students with a more sophisticated level of proficiency in the Spanish language, as well as developing their ability to think and write critically and analytically. These goals are approached through the study of advanced grammar, and the development of writing skills. Thus, this course offers an in-depth study of the more problematic aspects of Spanish grammar for English speakers, vocabulary building through a variety of readings and exercises, and numerous writing activities and composition assignments. The course will consist of readings from literary and periodical sources that provide the topics for compositions, and of grammar and vocabulary exercises in each chapter. There will be a lot of daily homework. In class, active participation is expected from all material assigned for class. All class activities, readings and assignments are in Spanish.

The grammar part of this course will cover a series of topics that are deemed essential for an advanced student of Spanish, and you will need a good command of them in order to tackle further upper-division courses in this language. The composition part of the course involves a number of writing assignments. Progress in your writing skills requires both repeated practice and attention to detail. Accuracy, even though less important in oral communication, is very important in writing and will be stressed in this course. In short, learning to write correctly will demand your time and effort: you will tipically need to write several drafts in order to achieve an acceptable product.

Grading Policy

The final grade will be based on student performance in the following: 1. Participation/Attendance 5% 2. Compositions (5): 40% (8% each) 3. Tests (3) 30% (10% each) 4. Final: 15% 5. Homework/Quizzes 10%.


1. Dominicis, M.C. and J. Reynolds. Repase y escriba. John Wiley and Sons. 2. Packet of materials.


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