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Spring 2008

SPN 346 • Practical Phonetics

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Course Description

This course, which is an introduction to the study of Spanish phonetics, has the following objectives: 1. Theoretical goals: a. To understand basic concepts of phonetics such as phoneme, syllable, coarticulation, sound, grapheme, etc b. To understand how a sound system works in a given language c. To understand how a system of sounds is acquired by a second language learners. 2.Practical goals: a. To learn how to transcribe sounds of different Spanish dialects using the IPA system b. To improve listening and speaking skills through exercises. c. To improve students´ orthography of Spanish d. To understand how to teach pronunciation.

Students can use the knowledge acquired in this course as a tool to start thinking and questioning topics related with language and the present day with a scientific perspective. These topics include bilingual education, biligualism versus diglossia, prejudices based on language and accent, foreign accent, accent and identity. Thus, I expect that this course awakens the interest of students for the study of phonetics as well as their understanding of phonetics as a science.

Grading Policy

Exam 1 25% Exam 2 25% Final Exam 35% Exercises 10% Class participation 5%


Barrutia, Richard y Schwegler, Armin (1994). Fonética y fonología españolas: teoría y práctica. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2ª Edición) Archival documents to be posted on Blackboard.


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