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Spring 2008

SPN 350 • Studies in Hispanic Life and Culture

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Course Description

This course will focus on the representations of violence in film from and about Spain, beginning with Luis Buñuel's Un chien andalou (1928) and ending with Guillermo de Toros El laberinto del fauno (2006). We will consider the following types of violence: 1) war, including but not limited to the Spanish Civil War; 2) torture and other state-sanctioned violence; 3) children and violence; 4) rape and other violence against women; 5) homophobic violence; 6) terrorism; 7) ethnic and racist violence; and 8) violence as spectacle. Another primary objective of the course is to introduce students to major directors in the history of Spanish film.

Grading Policy

Papers: The first paper will be a brief analysis of the child's-eye view of violence in El espíritu de la colmena (1973) or Cría cuervos (1975). 20 points. In the second paper, students will consider the representation of state violence in El diputado (1978) or El crimen de Cuenca (1979). 20 points In the third paper, students will analyze gender violence in Matador or Tesis. 20 points. In the fourth paper, students will discuss the reconsideration of war and war crimes in Libertarias, Silencio roto, The Secret Life of Words or El laberinto del fauno. 20 points. Final exam. 20 points.


Theory and History: Reader with selections from: Kinder, Marsha. Blood Cinema. Sempere, Antonio. Amenábar, Amenábar. Mark Allinson. A Spanish Labyrinth. Jordan, Barry. Contemporary Spanish Cinema. Williams, Linda. "The Critical Grasp: Buñuelian Cinema and Its Critics." In Dada and Surrealist Film. Mees, Ludger. Nationalism, Violence and Democracy: The Basque Clash of Identities Stiglmayer, Alexandra. Mass Rape : The War Against Women in Bosnia-Herzegovina Pavlovic, Tatiana. Gender and Spanish Horror Film. In Gender and Spanish Cinema. Moreiras Menor, Cristina. Spectacle, Trauma and Violence in Contemporary Spain. In Contemporary Spanish Cultural Studies.


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