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Spring 2009

SPN 383M • Interaction and Second Language Acquisition

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
47420 TTh
12:30 PM-2:00 PM
BEN 1.118

Course Description

This course is general in scope, including various theories about second language acquisition but addressing mainly those that related to interaction. Objectives: (a) to understand issues and theories of second language acquisition that approach language learning from the perspective of the role of interaction and dialogue; and (b) to examine how these issues and theories of second language acquisition can be applied in the classroom learning situation. The course will follow a seminar style format, in Spanish or English. After examining some current theories of the role of interaction in second language acquisition, students will analyze and discuss related current studies in Spanish or English second language acquisition.

Grading Policy

Each student is expected to participate actively in class discussions and to come to class prepared by reading and criticizing the readings beforehand. The final grade is based on the following categories: Discussion and preparation 20% Examination 25% Synthesis of article(s) 5% Presentation of paper 10% Final paper 40% Students will write a term paper of about 20 pages in length, based on empirical data dealing with Spanish language acquisition. Students should select topics and have the instructor approve them by the third week of class. A 15 minute presentation of the paper will be given in class. Each student will be assigned to synthesize at least one of the readings for the class in about 15 minutes. The written examination will cover issues and topics from the readings and class discussions.


The background text is yet to be determined. The separate articles will be in digital form and posted on Blackboard.


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