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Jill Robbins, Chair 150 W 21st Street, Stop B3700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4936

Fall 2004

SPN 367k • Syntax and Stylistics

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
46735 TTh
11:00 AM-12:30 PM
PAR 303

Course Description

A. To study in depth certain aspects of the structure of Spanish that present problems to English speakers. The topics to be covered are: a) Ser/Estar, b) Agreement, c) Mood/ tense/aspect, and d) the pronominal system.. B. To learn to write in Spanish using three different styles: a) Description, b) Narration, and c) Exposition.

Grading Policy

1. Tests (4) 45 % 2. Essays 50 % ( Original (3) Rewrites (2) ) 3. Homework Assignment 5 %


a) Solé and Solé (1977). Modern Spanish Syntax in Contrast, D.C. Heath and Company: Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath. (Recommended) b) A grammar textbook from a lower division course. (Recommended) c) Handouts prepared by the instructor for problem-solving exercises.


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