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Spring 2005

SPN 327 • Advanced Grammar and Composition

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
45545 MWF
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
MEZ 1.118

Course Description

The main objectives of this course are (1) to become proficient in writing in the Spanish language within a business context; (2) to become familiar with the business and cultural practices used in the professional Hispanic world; and (3) to become familiar with the economic, political and social environments that encourage business practices in the Hispanic markets. In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, students will review the most challenging grammar structures of the Spanish language. Moreover, they will be introduced to Spanish vocabulary and terminology used in different business scenarios and will be expected to write different compositions using the learned material

On the other hand, the class will be familiarized with the economic, socio-cultural, and political environments that promote business in the Hispanic world. This objective will be accomplished by reading and discussing different texts provided in the text book and by discussing current events related to the Hispanic business world. Although this class emphasizes writing, discussion of readings will encourage improvement of oral proficiency in the Spanish language. Also, in order to learn about different business practices in the Hispanic countries and to improve oral proficiency, students are expected to give oral presentations and to actively engage in the oral activities and in the class discussions during the semester. Finally, this course encourages critical thinking and teamwork, so students are expected to work in groups for several of the assignments.

Grading Policy

2 Exams 30% 4 Compositions 40% 5 Pruebas 10% 1 Presentación oral 10% Participation 5% Attendance 5%


Schmitt, Conrad J y Protase E. Woodford. Economía y finanzas: lecturas y vocabulario en español. New York: MacGraw-Hill, 1992. (ISBN: 0-07-056824-3). Kattán-Ibarra, Juan y Angela Howkins. Spanish Grammar in Context. New York: MacGraw-Hill, 2003. (ISBN: 0-07-141931-4) Recommended dictionary: Vox Compact Spanish and English Dictionary. 2nd ed. New York: MacGraw-Hill, 1994. (ISBN: 0-07-139652-7)


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