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Las Calacas

Thu, November 1, 2007 • 5:30 PM • BEN 2.104 and 2.102

The celebration of Día de los Muertos has its origins in Pre-Colombian times. The indigenous people of MesoAmerica conceived of death as part of one cycle that was constant like the seasons of nature. Since Día de los Muertos honors the transition from the physical to the spiritual, it is a celebration of a new beginning rather than a somber mourning of death.

Las Calacas incorporates the use of symbolic images, icons, objects, expressions and art as a way to tell a story and to commemorate the celebration of life that encompasses Día de los Muertos. This exhibit shows the rich cultural influences of the Mesoamerican celebration of Día de los Muertos both in traditional and contemporary settings. The exhibition consists of eight sections that feature symbols and expressions associated with Día de los Muertos as well as Mixtec and Zapotec textiles. In addition to the exhibit, there will be a demonstration of Mestizo dances from Costa Chica and inter-active games with prizes supplied by the University CO-OP.

The Las Calacas exhibit was made possible through the support of the University CO-OP, Grupo Flor y Canto, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Senate of College Councils.

Sponsored by: Spanish and Portuguese Dept., University CO-OP, Grupo Flor y Canto, and the Senate of College Councils

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